Never Set Goals For Yourself

In fact, some would say commitment begins when you start acting, so just thinking about it might not be good enough. You will experience more happiness and satisfaction, if you enjoy the road, not just wait to arrive at your destination. You will be happier if you adopt this attitude when working on your goals. On the other hand, you can enjoy the journey, look at the scenery, read a book, or even make friends with the people traveling with you. You experience hope, inner peace and confidence when you set a goal and work on accomplishing it. It is like switching on a torch that sheds light on your path and helps you go in a straight line, instead of going in circles.

But as you know, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. If your goals are easier you can afford to have a few more. If your goals are more complex you need to aim toward having fewer goals. Instead of trying to bench press X amount in the gym, I simply make sure I lift 4 – 5 times per week. Choosing to share an apartment with a roommate ($611 monthly rent) to keep my biggest monthly expenses fairy low.

Pursuit Goal Journal – A unique, down-to-earth method for productivity, motivation, mindfulness, and goal planning. Plus, these emotions lead people to like you more, help you with your goals, and support your professional success. Committing to our goals in writing provides extra accountability that can prevent us from giving up on our goals prematurely. So write up a little statement that says something like, “I commit to doing X”, sign your name, and hang it on your fridge or wall. And setting challenging goals helps us perform better than we might have expected, the science does not support the practice of setting impractical goals.

If a company leads with community enthusiasm, VCs will score it on the chatter they hear in the ecosystem. Read more about here. Investors may prod at the other benchmarks, but any chart that’s sufficiently up and to the right can tell a compelling narrative, and fund a business to keep building. On the other hand, taken too directly, this can be a dangerous suggestion for a lot of startups, especially young ones. Like raising venture capital,3 revenue is a one-way door—once you use it as the scale with which you weigh yourself, you never step off. For early stage companies that are still looking for their way, they should focus on the long-term value they can provide, not the short-term value they can extract. And a stock market panic doesn’t change that.

And this is because when you get clear on what success means for you, it makes it so much easier for you to remember why you are pursuing this goal in the first place. It helps you know and remember what is important to you because you took the time to choose it. What I’m talking about here is the difference between meaningful metrics and vanity metrics. You can establish a writing goal of “I would like to write 200 words per day.” Is it meaningful? Yes, because it will help me fulfill my mission statement of creating cool stuff and encouraging and inspiring other writers.

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